Oceanic Pro Plus 2 QD Computer


Oceanic Pro Plus 2 QD Computer

  • Easy to see and understand: Features the largest and most logical display available
  • Reads Tank pressure: The Oceanic Pro Plus 2 is air-integrated, constantly monitoring your cylinder pressure.
  • It is safe: It computes Dive Time Remaining so you dive safer -takes into consideration, tank pressure, your air consumption rate, and your decompression status.
  • Convenient Quick Disconnect: Quick twist to remove from the hose for easy after dive logging or security.
  • Great for night or dim diving: Back Lit with SMART GLO
  • Convenient: Water or Manual Activation
  • Safe: Audible Alarms with Flashing LED Warning Light. The Pro Plus 2 features a variety of system and user-customized audible alarms, alerting you to situations that pose a potential danger, or simply serve as a convenient reminder.
  • Safest Alarms Available: Audible Alarm Acknowledgement feature
  • Versatile: Air or Nitrox; The Pro Plus 2 acts as an Air computer until you tell it otherwise. As your training and experience grow, the Pro Plus 2 is designed to grow with you, being easily programmed for Nitrox mixtures from 21% to 50%.


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