_AGA_ Divator Full Face Scuba Masks W_ Comms 2 Diver Package


“AGA” Divator Full Face Scuba Masks W/ Comms 2 Diver Package

This is a fantastic value for a complete 2 diver Full Face Mask with Comm’s package. $ave thousands over new!

  • Includes:

-(2) Positive Pressure Divator Full Face Masks
-(2) OTS SSB-1001B Underwater communications transceivers (2 Extra battery packs included)
-(1) Watertight and foam padded King Pelican carrying case
-Cakk for a Package price

  • AGA Divator Features:
    -Ear and Mic assemblies with push to talk installed
    -High air flow capacity and low breathing resistance increases the divers performance and endurance
    -Leakage is prevented by a double sealing on the exhalation valve and with a soft and flexible mask sealing
    -With a low dead space volume the air consumption and CO2 build-up is minimized
    -The full face mask can easily be drained from water with a purge button


  • SSB-1001B Features:
    -U.S. Navy Approved these units preform in the harshest diving environments
    -Voice Operated Transmitter (VOX) activates when you speak
    -Push-to-talk control (PTT) gives you the capabiltiy to start and stop conversations
    -Squelch for tuning the audio signal
    -Earphone volumes ensure you can hear your tender and buddy
    -Voice menu so the user can adjust the settings of the SSB-1001B underwater via the voice menu
    -Removable transducer
    -Heavy duty design


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