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  • NEW Bonica HD-DV Camcorder
    • We tested this system and it takes video while protecting the camcorder!
    • It is a compact system with clear optics for video above and below water.
    • Great for diving, snorkeling, rafting, general watersports, harsh eviorments, or use in rain
    • The camcorder can be encased (when needed) by dual waterproof housings.
    • A water proof inner silicone skin surrounds the camera, much like a drysuit
    • A durable clear housing surrounds the camcorder and skin and is depth rated to 180 feet.
    • The 2.4 inch liquid crystal display is wide and easy to see.
    • The camcorder features a 3x optical zoom and a 4x digital zoom!
    • Built-in video light for night use or add color while deep UW.
    • We are authorized dealers and full warrenties are offered.
    • Many uses for this flexable super value system.
    • Complete package for only $95000 Everything you need!
    • Makes a great gift.
Underwater Bonica Camcorder and Housings
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Ikelite Video Lens
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Always buying Underwater Video and Photography Equipment
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  • NEW
    • Flexible camera and video housings
    • Use underwater, in the rain, or everyday to protect against humidity, salty air, sand, etc.
    • Much more cost-effective and portable than traditional housings
    • Very wide range of camera/video models supported
    • Call or eMail us with the part number for free shipping (limited)
    • SPECIAL! Model VST for Most Sony Camcorders Was $29995
      NOW ONLY $25995!
    • Call 800-722-0047 to get the part number for housings not listed
    • Model numbers and additional information...

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"Aaron, the EWA-Marine video bag you sold us for our trip to the Caymans worked great. We got a lot of good footage that we are editing and putting to music now. Thanks for your effort."

~ Gene; Raleigh, NC

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