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Discount Divers offers the Weezle brand of thermals.

Weezle Undergarments We're pleased to announce the revolutionary Weezle line of outdoor thermals.
  • Light weight, ultra comfortable, and warm.
  • The high-tech Swiss thermal fibers are state of the art technology!
  • These thermals are the rage of commercial, technical, and discerning recreational divers
  • Three level system for warmth and moisture management read more!
  • High-tech filling retains heat as it compresses during diving.
  • Compressed thermals offer less bulk and resulting in less lead on your weight belt!
  • Easy to care for - Machine washable and dries very quickly.
  • Large pockets for transporting extra stuff and thumb and feet loops for easy donning

Weezle thermals come with the Spider compression system. The entire suit packs to the size of a football for safe and secure storage.

You are going to love these warm and thin, high tech thermals. Call 1-877-SCUBADV to place your order!

"I've used these thermals and you can't buy better protection. The high technology filling offers incredible warmth and the outer layer of nylon provides excellent wind blockage. They compress into a stuff sack for easy transport and storage. Weezle thermals come in three thicknesses and all offer excellent thermal property with minimal bulk and weight. Call us and we will recommend the proper thickness for your weight, metabolism, and anticipated diving conditions. If you want to go all out, buy the thermal booties and a vest with detachable hood! - Weezle products are a good investment." John Burns, Owner Discount Divers Supply

"We normally have over 100 pair of new and used thermals at any given time. Call today to find your size, style and price options. Make sure to ask about sales and specials." John Burns, Owner

  • USED USIA Drysuit Thermals
    • USIA Quality
    • Stay warm on your dives
    • Like new condition available
    • Various Sizes and colors   Size Chart
    • Price varies according to condition & supply and demand. Starting at $9995
USIA Thermals Thermals
Order Now!
  • USED DUI Thermal Undergarments - DUI Drysuit Thermals
    • Warm polypro fleece undergarments with Nylon outer shell
    • Thumb loops and ankle stirrups hold garment in place while donning suit
    • Hand warming pockets
    • Call with your sizing information
    • From $149 and up
  • DUI Drysuit thermal underarment - thermals by DUI
    Order Now!
    • USED OS Systems Thermal Drysuit Undergarments
      • Expedition Grade Drysuit Thermals
      • Waist and back stretch panels for ease of movement
      • Back Vented for Breatheability
      • Pockets and loops for thumbs and feet
      • Various sizes and trim colorCALL TODAY   Size Chart
      • Most range from $119 - 16995
    OS Systems Thermal Undergarments-Thermals
    Order Now!
    • USED BARE T100 Polar Wear
      • Extra long two-way front zipper.
      • Underarm grommets for body moisture venting.
      • Quilted 3 layer fabric combination.
      • Brushed nylon liner/3M C100 THINSULATE/ Anti-friction tasian.
      • Price vary according to condition - call for sizing and pricing.
    BARE Thermals
    Order Now!
    • NEW Weezle Thermal Vest
      • Everything you expect from a weezle undergarment!
      • Excellent for that little extra layer above or below water without compromising buoyancy
      • Very compact
      • Detachable hood
      • Size Small thru XXL
      • Coats and Sleeping bags also available.
    Wheezle Thermal vest
    Order Now!
    • NEW Weezle Thermal Coat
      • All the best properties of the high performance thermal in a coat!
      • Incredibly warm for those boat rides out to the site, or surface intervals
      • Same superior Snugpak moisture management
      • Detachable hood
      • Size Small thru XXL
      • Available in a vest also
      • "This Outerwear really saved my bacon while diving in Alaska! " John Burns, Owner
      • Kilt not included!!
    Wheezle Thermal Coat
    Order Now!

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