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  • NEW U.S. Navy Nuclear Submarine
    • Able to submerse to the deepest places on Earth
    • Able to reach unbelievable velocities on the surface and underwater.
    • Plenty of space: enough to house a crew of about 100
    • Equiped with all kinds of cool weapons


    • ...Not for sale
U.S. Navy Nuclear Submarine
  • NEW Caribbean Submarines Seahorse
    • Recreational or commercial underwater explorations for anyone in shallow waters
    • Low cost and easy operation / maintenance
    • Minimum pilot training requirement.
    • Affordable price
    • Attractive design
    • Dry inside cabin
    • Excellent viewing and comfortable interior
    • No certification is required to be registered and to operate the sub as a recreational personal watercraft
    • Available in 1, 2, or 3 passenger models
    • Visit manufacturer's web site for more information
    • $28,00000   $38,00000
Caribbean Submarines Seahorse Submarine
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  • NEW Seamagine® Submarines
    • Enough space for a pilot and two passengers
    • Able to drive on the surface at 2mph
    • Hardwired communication system between passengers and the driver
    • An amazing experience!
    • Visit the manufacturer's web site.
    • $~195,00000
Seamagine® Submarines
  • NEW Phoenix Luxury Submarine
    • 213ft in length
    • Equiped with GPS antennae, satellite and radio communications radome
    • Two luxurious passenger decks
    • Includes a diver lockout chamber!
    • Visit manufacturer's web site for more information
    • $~78,000,00000
Phoenix Luxury Submarine
  • NEW SM 50
    • Low cost, high performance submarine
    • Allows for use by 48 passengers and two pilots
    • Diving capability to 100 meters in sea water
    • Three already sold
    • Visit manufacturer's web site for more information.
    • $~26,000,00000
SM 50
  • NEW Sport Sub
    • Designed by professional engineers
    • Allows to use regular scuba tanks to supply air to the cabin
    • Buoyancy is controlled by the pattented EBC (electronic buoyancy control)
    • Perfect for innovative and adventurous people
    • Visit manufacturer's web site for more information.
    • $~40,00000
Sport Sub

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