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  • NEW Odyssey Kids Mask & Snorkel Sets
    • Fits small faces comfortably
    • Seals well to keep water out of mask
    • Small mouthpiece for the kid size mouth
    • One way snorkel purge valve for quick and easy clearing
    • Other colors available
Odyssey Kids Mask & Snorkel Sets
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  • NEW IST Kid`s Mask/Snorkel Package
    • An investment in fun!
    • Designed for small kids, up to ages 7-8
    • Soft pliable silicone mask skirt that seals well. (Cheap masks have plastic skirts that don't conform well to faces and, therefore, leak)
    • Easy adjust strap
    • Snorkle is shaped and sized for comfort for small mouths
    • Much higher quality than the cheap dime store stuff
    • Also a blast in the bath tub and swimming/wading pools!
    • It is hard to find good kids gear, we reccommend you pick up a few extra sets for gifts
IST Kid`s Mask/Snorkel Package
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    New Item IST WSK-02 Junior WetSuit
    • 3mm nylon jersey with fine mesh in front
    • Smooth skin onto collar, arms and legs
    • Flat stitching ensures hours of comfortable use
    • Take a look at the size chart.
IST WSK-02 Junior
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