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Prescription Snorkel and Dive Masks

  • NEW The "Camo" Mask
    • Excellent quality Camouflage Mask
    • Great for Freediving, snorkeling, and diving
    • Double edge mask skirts for superior sealing
    • Available with Free mask box and matching SNORKEL!
    • Call for latest price! 206-298-6998

Order Now!
  • New SeaDiver Masks
    • The full line of excellent masks!
    • Glare Blocker and U/V protectant available
    • Quick and easy adjust straps buckles
    • Double feather-edged crystal silicone skirt
    • Wide variety of mask colors and lens styles
    • Free mask box with most
    • Sale priced starting at only $6995!
Order Now!
  • NEW Low Pro Frameless Scuba and Snorkel Mask
    • Frameless, minimalistic mask design
    • Easy clear, low volume mask
    • The mask stores ~3/4 in. flat - great for travel or as a spare mask
    • Professional grade silicone mask skirt
    • Solid black and clear translucent skirts available
    • Available with side windows too!
    • This great travel mask, buy two and save

      Call 206-298-6998 or 877-SCUBA-DV

Order Now!
  • NEW Full Face Mask
    • Use with any standard second stage
    • High quality rubber/silicon for best sealing.
    • Used to reduce jaw fatigue, protect face from water, and keep your face warm.
    • Secure three way adjustable headband included.
    • Full face mask - Call for best price!

      Call 206-298-6998

Silicone Full-Face Mask
Order Now!
Phinneas, a.k.a. 'Mickey', using his nose purge mask Nose Purge Masks
"I was diving with a regular mask but switched to one with a nose purge because as an Instructor, I found that every time I cleared my mask during Open Water Classes, my students would start clearing their masks as well! This was distracting them from the other skills they needed to work on. With the nose purge, I could clear my mask easily without having to touch it. Now that I'm shooting underwater video and diving with DPV's, both of which occupy my hands, the hands-free clearing of my mask is indispensable. The nose purge has been a plus and I found myself using it when I snorkel too. I think it is a worthwhile feature to consider."
~Phinneas (a.k.a. "Mickey"), Former DDS Web Guy and PADI Instructor

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