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Snorkel and Scuba Dive Masks |Prescription Scuba Snorkel Mask & Masks |Corrective Snorkel Scuba Dive Lenses and Masks

Why you should buy a prescription Dive or Snorkel mask from us


  • We have friendly knowledgeable salespeople who will answer your questions.

  • We have sold prescription masks since 1993 and know a few things.

  • We analyze your prescription and ask you questions about your facial features, eyesight, and intend underwater use.

  • We discuss your prescription lens and mask options.

  • We address the pros and cons and costs of the different masks and lenses and help you reach a good decision within your budget.

  • Your salesperson will use a seven point check list to process your order. Each step of the list is double-checked and signed off by a supervisor to ensure your order is processed quickly and correctly. We take the time to do it right the first time.

    Our philosophy is clear: You get expert advice and help selecting a mask and lenses that let you clearly see the underwater world!

  • We don't use an on-line ordering system that leads you to believe your order is on track, only to find out at the last minute that your products are back-ordered or someone screwed-up.

  • We only sell prescription masks that have a 98% or greater rate of customer fit and satisfaction - We are proud of these rates are they are unusual in the dive and snorkel industry. One of the reasons why we are successful is that out of the seven different grades of mask silicone offered by manufacturers, we only purchase masks with the top two grades. These masks seal best.

  • On a snorkeling and diving vacation, your eyesight is critical - Prescription lenses installed in a proven design quality mask is a good investment.

  • We don't charge a dime for customer service - Call 206-298-6998 or 1-877-SCUBA-DV today to find out what we can do for you.

    prescription dive and snorkel masks to correct for Farsightedness, Nearsightedness, and Astigmatism. Gauge Reader/Bifocal correction available

  • Scuba and Snorkel Dive Masks - Prescription Snorkel and Scuba Dive Masks - Single Vision, Double Vision, & Gauge Readers. Prescription Lens Scuba Dive & Snorkel masks of all types. Overnight shipping. Huge inventory.


  • We offer a variety of masks with custom and pre-made prescription lenses
  • All masks are suitable for scuba or snorkeling
  • Nearsightedness, Farsightedness, and Astigmatism corrections

  • Low cost Stick-on and pop-in lenses available
  • Ask about our Demo and Used prescription masks - Save Big!

  • Single and bi-focal prescriptions available
  • U/V eye protection, Color correcting (for divers), or clear lenses
  • Optional nose purges - Free mask box and defog with most masks

  • Gear trade-ins available - call for the details

    "Our highest price prescription masks are a little over $200 and worth every penny - However, we carry masks for every need and budget" John, Owner

    Open seven days a week - Call 206-298-6998 or 877-SCUBA-DV

  •         Ultra Vision  Mask

    • NEW Sea Life Dive and Snorkel Mask - Optional Prescription lenses

      • One of our most popular masks, the Sea Life, fits many of our customers.
      • This mask has a Double feather-edged grade 7 crystal silicone skirt for superior sealing.
      • Need optical corrections? - We stock hundreds of pre-ground Prescription corrective lenses.

      • We can install lenses and ship you a mask within 20 minutes of your phone call!
      • Bi-Focals and Gauge reader lenses are available for this mask
      • Call or email us - we can answer your questions

      • Overnight, standard, or rush shipping available.
      • Mask Colors: Clear blue, clear, black, clear or black silicone skirts
      • Call today for the best price

        Call 1-877-SCUBA-DV or (206)298-6998. We can get you a mask on time and in budget.

    Order Now!
    • NEW Molokai Scuba Dive and Snorkel Mask W/ Prescription Lenses

      • One of our most popular, well sealing masks.
      • This mask is made with high quality double skirted silicone
      • Available in black or crystal clear silicone

      • Mask frame options are blue, black, and clear.
      • Comes with FREE protective hard case!

      • Call for your SPECIAL WEB PRICE that includes free lens installation!
      • Call (206)298-6998 (or 1-877-SCUBA-DV) with your questions

    Order Now!

    Buy a prescription mask, see the colorful fish!
    We stock Used prescription dive or snorkel masks - Save Big!
    • USED Used Prescription Scuba Dive and Snorkel Masks
      • We have used prescription masks at bargain prices
      • Durable glass lenses

      • Gauge Reader masks too!
      • A range of styles, colors, and features available

      • Starting at $5995

        Call us for more information.

      • Fast shipping available
    save on used prescription scuba and snorkel masks Scuba and Snorkel Dive Masks - Prescription Snorkel and Scuba Dive Masks - Single Vision, Double Vision, & Gauge Readers. Prescription Lens Scuba Dive & Snorkel masks of all types. Overnight shipping. Huge inventory.
    Order Now!
    We have the sharpest, best trained employees in the industry. Call 206-298-6998 today. We want to work for you.
    Buy a prescription dive or snorkel mask for your Nearsightedness, Farsightedness, and Astigmatism.

    See better with prescription mask!

    • NEW Prescription Bi-Focal Scuba Dive and Snorkel Gauge Readers
      • See your gauges, watch, computer, or those small underwater critters!
      • Durable glass lenses bonded to scratch resistant safety glass.
      • These Gauge Reader lenses are similar to your reading glasses.
      • Available in +1.0 through +4.0 in .5 increments
      • Available for our most popular fitting Galapagos dive and snorkel mask.
      • Mask colors: clear blue, clear, black, black silicone
      • Gauge readers, including installation, only $7995
      • Fast shipping available
    Prescription dive and Snorkel masks in stock! Specialists are standing by to help you. Call (206)298-6998 or 1-877-SCUBA-DV and know immediately what can be done and when you can receive your mask.

    Call us today to discover the benefits of clear vision and timely, personalized service. We stock a full range of scuba and snorkel gear.
    Fast shipping & expert advice. 1-877-SCUBA-DV or (206)298-6998


    Snorkel gear
    Buy Snorkel gear for whole family (pets too!). Safety vests, wetsuits, mesh snorkel bags, fish guides, anti-fog for your mask, snorkel gloves, waterproof containers and whistles, and much, much more. The more you buy... the more you save!


    We carry snorkel fins for travel
    We carry compact & lightweight travel fins for snorkeling. Call 206-298-6998


    Call 206-298-6998, Hundreds of masks in stock.

    More Masks. . .

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