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Concerned about getting the right fin for your purpose? Want good advice on how to fit a fin?

Call us at 206-298-6998 for help. Be prepared to provide your shoe and information on feet width. A good fitting set of fins requires expert help. Ask our professional sales people about the best fins for snorkeling, diving, boogie boarding, diving, free-diving, and exercise swimming.

  • USED Apollo Bio Fins
    • The original split fin.
    • Greater propulsion, less effort

      Many of our customers like these fins for diving and snorkeling

      We can ship you a pair quickly

      New stock arriving weekly!

    • Day glow yellow and black in stock.
    • A great fitting fin at a great price.

    • Prices vary according to supply and demand - expect most to run $79 to $89.
Apollo Biofins
Order Now!
    Used Mares Fins - Big Selection!

      Save BIG on all Mares fins - Used Mares Adjustable Scuba Fins

    • Mares Avanti Quattro Fins
    • Mares Volo Power Fins
    • Blue Mares Plana Avanti and X3
    • Mares Power Plana
    • Mares fin straps at cheap prices!
    • Size Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large
    • Starting at $1995

Order Now!
  • USED Split fins
    • Great power with minimal effort
    • Simple and ergonomic strap and buckle systems for easy donning and adjustment

    • Split fin design means less effort, better air consumption and less fatigue
    • Various manufacturers and styles
    • Most show no or very little wear
    • Call 206-298-6998 or email at discountdiversatgmaildotcom
    • Prices start around $59 - call for a good deal! Why pay $120?
Split fins, apollo, sherwood, scubapro
Order Now!
  • NEW USED Turtle Fins
    • Turtle Fins are the choice of commercial and high end sport and tech divers
    • A super large foot pocket, perfect for drysuit or Rock boots
    • Neoprene rubber construction for durability and high performance
    • A tough and reliable fin for years of good service
    • Spring strap compatable
    • Size XXL, XXXL
    • Call 206-298-6998 or 1-877-SCUBA-DV for NEW and USED prices!
IDI Turtle Fins
Order Now!
    Nature's Wing Technology Talaria Open Heel Split Fin
    • Talaria delivers more forward power than conventional fins
    • Excellent effort to thrust ratio
    • Easy kick
    • Size Medium, Large, and Extra Large
    • Close out at only $5595
Order Now!

More Fins. . .

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