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Commercial Dive Gear - EXO 26, umbilical, and Kirby Morgan SL27 - Diving Helmets / Hats, Band Masks, Communication Equipment,We Buy Your Gear Too!

Call 206-719-1577 today 

USED Kirby Morgan Superlite 27 for Sale, $4,499 OBO
  • In Stock!
  • A Working Diver's SL27 Hat
  • The hat owner retired from diving in the Gulf and you get a good deal!

  • This hat is a good investment prices keep going up. Buy today and save.

  • Two wire comms
  • Breathes great
  • Hat comes with bag and snoopy
  • Right earphone is working, Left is out, Mic works
  • Newer Pull Pins
  • Hat needs an annual
  • Call to place your order today!
  • 206-719-1577


  • USED MiKO MAM-001 150kg Commercial Diving Magnet! -$649.99

    • MIKO MARINE Model MAM-001 Underwater Magnet has a holding force of 150 kg* and can be used for fastening equipment such as Miko Plasters, diving equipment, guide wires or anchor points for divers to ship sides or other steel structures.
    • The magnetic component consists of neodymium which is coated with epoxy to improve its corrosion resistance in sea water.
    • The magnet is equipped with a mooring lug and breaking lever for easy release and safe operation.
    • The bottom is fitted with a rubber filling for increased friction and improved usability.

    • Double-skin steel box to isolate the magnetic field and to prepare them for air freight. Call 206-719-1577

  • northern.diver.r.vest

    USED Kirby Morgan EXO 26 Facemask - $479.99
    • The EXO 26 incorporates a unique EXO thermal exhaust system in the demand regulator assembly whereby the divers own breath assists in reducing thermal drain by warming certain areas of the regulator

    • The mask has a large heavy five leg spider harness with large strong stainless steel slide buckles making it easy to don and doff and extremely secure!

    • The mask works similar to that of a Band Mask however with far less bulk and at a third the weight.

    USED Atlantic Diving Commercial Harnesses, $269 - various sizes starting at $269

    • Meets saftey standard ADCI 6.3.4
    • Modified for demanding commercial use
    • With removable dual ditchable weight pockets - top load
    • Twin tank straps for bailout

    • With snap shackle
    • ADCI and US Government Approved
    • Why pay retail at $600 plus?
    • Various sizes in stock - call 206-719-1577 today!



    NEW Small size Mustang Boat Crew Drysuits MSD585AS - $699 !
      Almost half off retail pricing on these super Drysuits

    • Great for multiple purposes.
    • Lightweight, windproof, breathable fabric is designed to reduce heat stress and fatigue.
    • Convenience zipper for added comfort and relief.
    • Patented Closed Comfort System adjustable neck seal can be worn loose to provide comfort out of the water and can quickly be drawn tight to keep the water out.
    • Gauntlet accommodates most gloves and the closures prevent snagging.
    • Reflective tape on the upper and lower arms improves in and out of water visibility.
    • Extra long leg gusset zippers accommodate most boots.
    • Dry socks attached keep your feet warm, comfortable, safe and secure.

    • Closeout pricing on the last of the Small Drysuits - NEW with original packaging and tags!

      Email us at: Discountdivers@GmailDotCom

      Call 206-719-1577

    • Size chart

    • More Mustang Drysuits

    USED Commercial Umbilical - 300ft - $799.99OBO

    • 3 Part Commercial Diving Umbilical with Airline, Comm Line, and Pneumo!
    • Ready to ship!

      $ave huge with this diving umbilical. Why pay $2400+?


  • USED Commercial Diving Harnesses and Vests!

    • Northern Diver, Atlantic, & Willies Commercial Diving Harnesses and Vests.
    • Used Willies Harnesses, multiple sizes and configurations - $45 to $125
    • Used Northern Diver R Vest with Tool Pouch and Quick Ditch Weight Pockets - $279.99
    • New Atlantic Full Body Harness with Roller Buckles, Quick Ditch Weight Pockets, Clinch Tank Straps and Snap Shackle - $399.99

    • We also have a wide variety of Snap Shackles, Commercial Weight Belts and Weight Harnesses, Full Face Masks, Bailout Whips, Bailout Tanks, Bailout Regs, Mini PSI Gauges, Knives, Lights, Drysuits, Wetsuits, Hoods, Gloves, Fins, Weights, Shank, Rock, and Over Boots! Too many commercial items to list them all. Call 206-719-1577 

  • northern.diver.r.vestwillies.harnesses

    More Commercial Gear. . .

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