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Metal Detectors for Rental or Purchase

      Whites MXT All Pro Sale $699.95

    The MXT All Pro combines popular new features with the proven, legendary performance of the MXT line. An all-new keypad, high-efficiency backlight, and Ground Grab settings lock finds the gold, coins, and treasure! This favorite comes with a 10 in DD search coil

    Three separate programs give you versatility with different target responses, display info, and audio frequencies for relics, prospecting, and coins/jewelry.

    Relic: Specifically identifies buttons, buckles, and bullets with three options for tone ID.
    Prospecting: Iron Grunt for targets for high probability of being iron.
    Coin/Jewelry: Coin/jewelry/trash target ID with seven tones telling you the type of target before you dig.

    All modes have deep-detection from White's proven 10 in DD Coil, VDI range of -95 to +95, and 3-easy-to-adjust controls:

    Gain maximizes sensitivity and depth. Threshold allows you to hunt with a slight hum or hear only the sound of detected targets. Dual control functions differently in each program.


    • 3 Complete Separate Programs
    • 3 Easy-Adjust Controls
    • Automatic Ground Balance
    • Backlit Display
    • Coin/Jewelry Mode
    • Ground Grab
    • Prospecting Mode
    • Relic Mode
    • Tone ID
    • Updated Prospecting Mode
    • Updated Relic Mode with 3 Ways to Hunt
    • Waterproof 9.5" or 10" DD Coil
  • Gain control adjusts for your particular conditions so you get every inch of PI depth and sensitivity. Every location is different and now your Gain can match your location - be it beach, bottom of a lake or ocean, or the the local park.
  • Quick Target Recovery so you hear good targets in the presence of junk targets.
  • Automatic Ground Rejection.
  • Adjustable Pulse Delay reduces black sand "noise." Quiet beaches - more targets!
  • Tuner Control adjusts the threshold tone and checks battery strength.

Save big on all our units. While they last! Call 206-298-6998 today.

Save big! Limited to stock on hand - Hurry!

      Whites GMT $699.95

    Buy a Whites GMT metal detector from us and get the best deal on the Web!

Save big on all our units. While they last! Call 206-298-6998 today or email us at DiscountDivers @ gmail dot com

Save big! Limited to stock on hand - Hurry!

      Whites Surf PI Dual Field Metal Detector $823

    This Whites Surf PI is a jewel of a detector. Rugged and waterproof, it has outstanding penetrating power and is often used commercially to locate lost metal objects from pipes to cables and rings, keys, and glasses. We offer rentals and buy backs.
    John Burns, Owner

    • Completely waterproof to 100 feet.
    • Uses Pulse Indication for exceptional depth on coins, jewelry, and relics.
    • Power Supply: 8 AA batteries for up to 25 hours of hunting
    • Patent Pending 12 x 6 in; Dual field coil design that offers superb sensitivity on all targets.
    • Gain control adjusts for your particular conditions so you get every inch of PI depth and sensitivity. Every location is different and now your Gain can match your location - be it beach, bottom of a lake or ocean, or the the local park.
    • Quick Target Recovery so you hear good targets in the presence of junk targets.
    • Automatic Ground Rejection.
    • Adjustable Pulse Delay reduces black sand "noise." Quiet beaches - more targets!
    • Tuner Control adjusts the threshold tone and checks battery strength.
    • Supplied with waterproof headphones

    Save $150 on our lightly used units. While they last! Call 206-298-6998 today.

Order Now!

    Minelab Excaliber II for rent

    • Use on beach, underwater or on land
    • Excellent depth with accurate discrimination, because of BBS
    • No interference from salt water
    • High impedance Koss waterproof headphones.
    • Waterproof to 200 feet (66 meters)
    • Slimline Coil for reduce weight and improved balance.
    • NiMH rechargeable battery pack.
    • Sensitivity control for optimum depth for all conditions
    • Tone Target ID
    • Low Battery Alert
    • Complete Instructions


      Disc - Set it to accept the good targets and ignore the rest

      Sensitivity - Controls the detecting range for various objects

      Volume - Adjust the level of signal volume to your liking

      Threshold - The level of background audio which aids signals

      Disc/Pinpoint - Disc detects only good objects, Pinpoint makes recovery easy


      "I put a couple of dives on this unit and have found a handful of coins at Alki and Redondo (above and below water) - It is essentially a new unit and performs great - it is extremely sensitive and has wonderful waterproof Koss headsets and audio - I found three previously undetected coins in my front yard that had been swept by three or four other detectors! " John, Owner 206-298-6998

  • Whites GMT Gold Master Metal Detector $729

    This metal detector is used throughout the world's gold bearing regions. Since all Whites detector coils are waterproof, this detector is useful finding gold nuggets and flakes in creeks and streams. Its frequency and detection circuits have been engineered to to be specifically sensitive to gold while canceling other ground minerals. -- if you are serious about finding gold, this is the machine.
    John Burns, Seattle, Owner DDS

    Whites GMT Gold Master Metal Detector - only $729! The GMT Metal Detector simplifies the tough task of ignoring the harsh ground minerals found in gold-bearing areas.

    One of our customers has found $15,000 worth of gold with his GMT! John Burns

    Rental units available

Treasure is everywhere. This is one of the few hobbies that can actually pay for itself!
Order Now!

      Whites TM 808 Deep Depth Detectors $799

    • Powerful Electronics enable the TM 808 to reach phenomenal depth.
    • The great depth capability of the TM 808 make it ideal for locating septic tanks, tools, equipment and metal pipes as well as jewelry, coins, coin caches, and other buried treasure
    • The versatility of the TM 808 make it a great choice for both commercial and deep hobby use.
    • The TM 808 is easy to tune and set up and includes Push-button retuning for changing soil conditions.
    • Instruction Manual included in both English and Spanish versions. Bi-lingual Instruction Video also available.
    • The TM 808 comes standard with a C-cell Drop-in battery pack, optional re-chargable battery packs available.

      Ask about our multi-day rental discount and rent to own options!

      Call Now! - 206-298-6998

Order Now!

    John's Minelab E-Trac - Paypal price: $969
    • Super top end machine
    • This machine is a performer right out of the box
    • The E-Trac is a FBS transmiter (Full Band Spectrum) using 28 multiple frequencies for optimal detection of all meatals
    • These machines are great - you can get started right away using preset modes for finding gold and silver, relics, and all coins.
    • Built-in Pinpointer for localizing small detected objects (nuggets, rings, coins..)
    • No need to upgrade - Fully user programmable and customizable - share the latest search settings via USB.
    • Ships with owners manual, rechargable battery pack with charger, AA battery pack, Minelab Double-D search coil, and a copy of Andy Sabisch's Minelab E-Trac Handbook. Ask John about a deal on extra coils.
    • This is my personal machine and I have found a few buckets full of coins and relics with it. When you get a few hours under your belt you can clasify coins by sight and/or your ears. super machine - I am on to other hobbies and might as well get this machine to someone who will use it! ---- tell your salesman you want it and I will bring it into the shop to ship to you. John, Owner

      "I love these detectors - the Minelab E-Trac is my primary land machine - awesome detector" John Burns, Owner


      Why pay $1,700? Special Paypal $969


Order Now!

    Whites MXT / MXT 300 / MXT PRO Metal detectors, $115 in free merchandise!

    I really like how well these Whites detectors perform. They are easy learn and do a super job of automatically classifying coins and other metal objects. I took my Niece Madison metal detecting with one and she kicked rear-end during the first outing!

    Three easy to use modes: Coin/Jewelry, Relic, an Gold Prospecting. Includes handy confidence bar graph to assist determining which signals to pursue. Includes automatic battery check, low battery alert, overload alert, and target depth reading. Adjustable discrimination, and gain threshold. Toggle switch for trigger mode "pull tab notched out"... offers impressive depth, quality audio, a fast learning curve!

    Includes Free pinpointer (save over $115!), full warranty, in the box and ready to rock!

  • Call 877-ScubaDV for best price!

Treasure is everywhere!
Order Now!

    Metal Detector Rentals
    • We rent metal detectors for above and below water
    • Full range of machines to choose from
    • Free instruction
    • We carry detectors for all ages and uses
    • Find lost items - have some fun!
    • Rent before you buy. Get started today

      As low as $39.95/day

      Call for additional details - 206-298-6998

Order Now!

    We buy, sell, and trade metal detectors!
    • Looking for all brands and models
    • Tesoro, Fisher, Garrett , Mine Lab, Bounty Hunter, and others
    • Some of our favorite detectors include:

    • Mine Lab E-TRAC, Safari, GPX, Eureka, Excalibur, Explorer, X-Terra
    • Garrett Pro Pointer, Ace 250, Infinium , Bounty Hunter Teknetics Omega,
    • Fisher 1280-x Aquanaut, F2, F4, F5, F70, F75, CZ-21, CZ-3D, Gold Bug 2,Gemini-3 Metal Detectors
    • Tesoro Sand shark, Tiger Shark, Silver uMax, Compadre, Cortes, Lobo, Golden uMax,Cibola, DeLeon

      Box up and send us your Metal Detector (and accessories) and we will test and analyze the gear, determine a reasonable value, then send you a check. Please follow the link below for specific instructions.

      We do the leg work required to clean and fix equipment, advertise the gear, answer buyer questions, close the deals, process credit cards, ship products, and on occasion, handle a return. We have been in business since 1993 and have had thousands of happy customers on the both the buying and selling end. We make the process easy.

      Click here additional information on how to Sell, Trade, or Donate your metal detector and accessories.

      Be Responsible3 - Reuse, Recycle, and Regift

Whites TDI Pro fro sale or rent we buy and sell metal detectors, tesoro and others Mine Lab Excalibur underwater metal detector
Order Now!

    NEW Underwater Tow Sled
    • The ultimate in underwater exploration!
    • Snorkelers can use it on the surface
    • Divers can use it underwater
    • Multiple handles allow for use with both hands or just one.
    • (Motorboat not included)
    • $8995
Underwater Tow Sled
Order Now!

In a remote location or far away? Buy a rental unit and we will ship it to your doorstep. When you return it, we will subtract the rental fee and return money on your credit card!

This lake's old swimming area is full of coins and jewelry. Call 206-298-6998 to get started!

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