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We sell more used gear than any other dive shop in the United States.
Our equipment has been serviced, tested, and is READY TO DIVE!
Every piece of equipment in the water is used!
Discount Divers Supply / Seattle, WA / 1-877-SCUBA-DV

Used Dive Computers, Save Big! We buy and sell Suunto, UWATEC, Oceanic, Sherwood, and Aeris and the rest.

Order Now! Money back guarantee.
    • USEd Suunto D9 w/Transmitter - 899.99
      • Wireless air integration for tank pressure information
      • Comes with a USB Cable, in origional box.
      • Display with very easy to read indicators.
      • Titanium body to protect the inner workings with no stress.
      • Super low profile, lightweight and in a compact design.
      • Comes with two screen covers and a user manual.

        Call (206)298-6998 or 1-800-SCUBADV for best price Suunto.D9.2 Suunto.d9.3

        We have new and used dive computers in stock - call for recent arrivals! Largest selection and great pricing.

Order Now!
    • USEd Oceanic Data Mask Wireless Scuba Dive Computer / Mask -- SOLD!
      • Looking to buy YOUR Data Mask!
      • If you are local, bring it in for us to purchase.
      • If you're from out of town, mail it in and let us cut you a check!

        Call (206)298-6998 or 1-800-SCUBADV for best price

Order Now!
    • USEd Suunto Vyper Air Dive Computer -- SOLD!
      • Looking to buy all dive watches!
      • If you are local, bring it in for us to purchase.
      • If you're from out of town, mail it in and let us cut you a check!

        Call (206)298-6998 or 1-800-SCUBADV for best price suunto.vyper.airsuunto.vyper.air.trans

        We have new and used dive computers in stock - call for recent arrivals! Largest selection and great pricing.

Order Now!
  • USEd Oceanic Depth Gauges
    • Hockey Puck style depth gauge
    • Government Surplus
    • 150' max depth
    • Reliable Oceanic product

    • Buy now for only $20.99 + shipping to continental US (must ship to paypal address of record within Continental US ONLY or call for Credit Card shipment quote within US!) All others email for a shipping quote.

oceanic depth guage
Inquire today! call 206-298-6998
  • USED Aeris atmos elite
    • Wireless air integration - reads tank pressure
    • Nitrox compatible (21-50%), also works great with conventional air
    • User programmable alarms (ascent rate, max depth, PO2, N2, O2, dive time remaining, elapsed dive time, PO2)
    • Flashing LED warning and audible alarms
    • Manual (button) or water activation (user programmable on/off)
    • Back-lighting (on the surface and at depth) with adjustable backlighting duration
    • Time to desaturation
    • Altitude compensating
    • N2/O2 bar graphs
    • Imperial/metric
    • User-replaceable battery

    • Variable ascent rate indicator
    • Safety Stop Count Down Timer

      "Everything you need for a safe full featured dive computer - this is a beauty!" John - owner

    • Call for the best price - save big!
    • USED Oceanic VEO 250
      • The Oceanic Veo 250 is perfectly "simple" and easy to use. The computer is set up to initially display the really important information -you know, your depth, how long you can stay, and right below an easy to read tank pressure gauge. The Oceanic Veo 250 will calculate your "real" time remaining, it considers both Nitrogen and Oxygen absorption, and the numbers are large and easy to read! Then, of course you can press the one simple button to display other information.
      • Don't take this for a computer that is too simple. It has all the other bells and whistles that any diver would come to expect. Including: manual or water activation, audible and flashing LED warning lights, automatic safety stop prompt, diver-replaceable batteries, smartglo backlighting, and optional PC interface. The Oceanic Veo 250 is also designed to be either an Air computer or can be reprogrammed for Nitrox mixtures from 21% to 50%.
      • And for this price you get the best of the best: a 3 Gauge Console with compass, and a quick disconnect.
      • Why pay $600 for a comparable computer? Super clean! with quick disconnect!

        Call (206)298-6998 or 1-800-SCUBADV for best price

        We have new and used dive computers in stock - call for recent arrivals! Largest selection and great pricing.

Order Now!
  • USED UWATEC Smart Com Quick Disconnect Dive Computer
    • An air-integrated computer that automatically calculates the diver's air requirements in order to make any required safety or decompression stops and maintain a safe ascent rate. Air and Nitrox capable (comes with Nitrox dive planer for safe diving)
    • Quick Disconnect allows you to take computer with you after the dive!
    • Auto on/off functionality
    • Protective screen shield
    • Safety features: Tank pressure display (PSI/BAR), long batter life (500-1000 dives)
    • Infrared technology allows diver to transmit the dive data to a PC
    • Adjusts calculations based on oxygen mix levels
    • Water temperature gauge
    • Metric/imperial display options
    • nitrox dive planner
    • Logbook stores up to 99 dives (50 hours)
    • Illuminated display
    • Enlarged high-resolution display for easy image recognition
    Hurry, one in stock at at $259.95 - with quick disconnect!

    • USED Oceanic Pro Plus 2 QD Computer
      • Easy to see and understand: Features the largest and most logical display available

      • Reads Tank pressure: The Oceanic Pro Plus 2 is air-integrated, constantly monitoring your cylinder pressure.
      • It is safe: It computes Dive Time Remaining so you dive safer -takes into consideration, tank pressure, your air consumption rate, and your decompression status.
      • Convenient Quick Disconnect: Quick twist to remove from the hose for easy after dive logging or security.
      • Great for night or dim diving: Back Lit with SMART GLO
      • Convenient: Water or Manual Activation
      • Safe: Audible Alarms with Flashing LED Warning Light. The Pro Plus 2 features a variety of system and user-customized audible alarms, alerting you to situations that pose a potential danger, or simply serve as a convenient reminder.
      • Safest Alarms Available: Audible Alarm Acknowledgement feature
      • Versatile: Air or Nitrox; The Pro Plus 2 acts as an Air computer until you tell it otherwise. As your training and experience grow, the Pro Plus 2 is designed to grow with you, being easily programmed for Nitrox mixtures from 21% to 50%.

      • Why pay $800 for a comparable computer? Call for best price! Super clean! with quick disconnect!

        Call (206)298-6998 or 1-800-SCUBADV - Every Computer in the water is a used computer.

        We have new and used dive computers in stock - call for recent arrivals! Largest selection and great pricing.

Order Now!
  • USED Suunto Cobra QD $249

        Air integrated for tank pressure readout and computer calculations

      • Computer Features:
      • Safe: Complete decompression stop data.
      • Safe: User selectable alarms for maximum depth and dive time.
      • Safe: Visual and audible alarms.
      • Safe: Automatic safety stop countdown.
      • Safe: An electro-luminescent backlight which lights up automatically when important alarms are given.
      • Accurate: Separate 3-step altitude and personal adjustments for more tailored settings.
      • Educational: Dive simulator and dive planner.

      • QD Features:
      • Convenient and secure: Allows Separate and Safe Storage of Computer
      • Great for Downloading Computer Dives

        These computers are hot items - One in stock at $249 (missing hose/with compass)

      We want to buy your scuba gear! ....... Recycle

      Click here to learn how to sell your dive computer and other scuba gear.

  • USED Suunto Spyder Dive Computer for sale
    • Easy to use
    • Air and Nitrox capable
    • User-replaceable battery

    • Altitude adjustable
    • Audio and visual alarms
    • Day and date readout

    • Call for best price - 206-298-6998

  • USED Suunto Gekko Air/Nitrox Dive Computer $199

      • A VERSATILE COMPUTER FROM SUUNTO The Suunto Gekko is an ideal choice for sports divers. It can be used with both air and Nitrox. Both ascent rate and available no-decompression time are displayed graphically with clear, color-coded indicators. Visual and audible alarms are given when necessary. Maximum depth and dive time alarms can be enabled. The Gekko has a user-replaceable battery and user-adjustable metric/imperial units.

      • EASY TO OPERATE AND EXCELLENT VALUE Easy to use buttons and a straightforward menu structure make Gekko simple to operate. The extensive logbook memory stores up to 50 hours of dive profiles and logbook data, including dive start time and date, dive time, maximum depth attained, and temperature at maximum depth. In addition, the dive history keeps track of up to 999 dives and 999 dive hours, as well as the maximum depth ever reached.

      • PHOSPHORESCENT LCD DISPLAY Gekko is equipped with a super bright phosphorescent display, which can be charged with a dive light, providing long lasting illumination of the display in dark conditions.

      • The Gekko can be worn as a wrist unit, or mounted in Suunto's Combo consoles.

      Web Special Price: buy today at $199.95 Why pay $425 for a comparable?

  • USEd Hockey Puck Computers
    • Oceanic Datamax Sport
    • Oceanic Prodigy
    • Genesis Prodigy
    • US Divers Matrix, US Divers Matrix Master
    • Scan 5
    • Sherwood Logic and more!
    • $99.95 and up
Various Hockey Puck Computers
Inquire today! call 206-298-6998
We will buy your dive computer and other used scuba gear - click here to find out how!
  • USED Aeris Atmos 1 Dive Computer
    • Water & manual activation
    • User-replaceable battery

    • Variable ascent rate indicator
    • Safety Stop Count Down Timer

    • A bargin at: $199.95

Call 206-298-6998 with questions or to inquire about new arrivals.


More Computers/Gauges. . .

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