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We have underwater cameras, housings, and accessories for snorkeling, diving, sailing, kayaking, white water rafting and outdoor use. New and Used cameras and lenses. Call 206-298-6998 or 1-877-SCUBA-DV for Discount Divers Supply, Seattle, Washington.

  • USED Canon Digital S-50 with WP-DC300 housing and YS-25 strobe
    • This combination rocks! Take take super Digital photographs or video. I went diving in Hawaii with a friend that had one - great photos and amazing macro!

    • Flash is triggered via optic cable
    • Full automatic mode or go manual for advanced use.

    • Enough resolution to make High Q. 12X18in photos
    • Rechargeable camera battery with recharger

    • Comes with manuals and a nice camera bag.

      Killer deal at only $649.95

      If this system is not what you are looking for, we have other camera systems for you to choose from -- call 206-298-6998

Be Responsible: Reuse - Recycle - Regift

We want to buy your scuba gear! ....... Recycle

Click here to Sell, Trade-in, or Donate your Scuba gear

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  • USED Sea and Sea Seamaster Pro EX
    • Super clean 35mm camera with standard and wide angle lenses
    • It is a compact system that takes great photos above and below water.
    • Automatic exposure takes the guess work out of getting good photos

    • Wide angle lens is waterproof and can be added/removed in water
    • The YS-60 strobe can be used as TTL (auto exposure) or in manual power modes
    • Strobe is easily detachable for underwater creative positioning

    • The tray includes parts for an additional flash
    • Add Spare O-rings and manual for only $19
    • Includes lens caps and flash diffuser

    • Uses AA batteries
    • Was $480, Now on sale for $449

      We normally have a few of these systems in stock - starting at $299 - call 206-298-6998

Sea and Sea underwater camera with wide angle lens and flash
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  • USED Wanted: Sony Cyber Shot 40M Marine Pack

      Looking to buy your working Sony Cyber Shot 40M Marine Pack and other scuba gear!

    • Get Cash or credit towards your next purchase

      Instructions at:

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  • USED Sea & Sea Camera System
    • With Flash, Wide Angle, and Close-up lenses
    • Complete system
    • Strong, water tight case for travel
    • Complete Manuals for lenses and flash and camera
    • Multiple Spare O-ring kits with lubricant
    • Doesn't look like it has ever been used
    • Takes great pictures at a fraction of the cost of a digital system
    • Easy to use camera.
    • You will love the photos you get
    • 206-298-6998
    • Only $36995
Sea & Sea Camera and Case
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  • USED Nikonos 15MM lens w/viewfinder
    • Excellent condition - No scratches!
    • Super wide angle
    • Includes free viewfinder
    • 206-298-6998
    • $29995
Nikonos 15mm
Order Now!
  • USED Nikonos 5 W/ 28mm Lens
    • Excellent condition!
    • 28 MM Lens!
    • Black W/ orange front
    • Great camera at a Great price! Ask about others
    • Call 206-298-6998
    • $33500
Nikonos 5
Order Now!

  • USED Sekonic Light Meter:
    • Calculates your f-stop, shutter speed, ASA and DIN indexes
    • ASA scale: 6 - 12,000
    • DIN scale: f/1 - f/64
    • Shutter speed scale: 1 sec - 1/2,000 sec.
    • Works up to approximate depths of 60m. / 200 ft.
    • Accurate up to 0.5 EV
    • Powered by a 1.3V Mercury battery
    • Excellent condition
    • $21995
Sekonic Lightmeter
Order Now!
  • NEW Wanted to Buy: Nikonos SB-104 UW TTL Speedlight Flash Head
      Pls send us your photo and video equipment for purchase! Directions at:
Nikonos SB 104 UW Flash
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  • NEW
    • Flexible camera and video housings
    • Use underwater, in the rain, or everyday to protect against humidity, salty air, sand, etc.
    • Much more cost-effective and portable than traditional housings
    • Very wide range of camera/video models supported
    • SPECIAL! Model DN-950 for Nikon Coolpix 950/990 Style Cameras Was $19995
      NOW ONLY $7995!
    • Call or eMail us with the part number for free shipping (limited)
    • Call 800-722-0047 to get the part number for housings not listed
    • Model numbers and additional information...

Order Now!

"Aaron, the EWA-Marine video bag you sold us for our trip to the Caymans worked great. We got a lot of good footage that we are editing and putting to music now. Thanks for your effort."

~ Gene; Raleigh, NC

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