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Fast shipping & expert advice. 1-877-SCUBA-DV

  • USED H2Odysee Spare Air
    • Reliable H2Odysee Spare Air for your safety
    • Yoke, station or DIN filler
    • Handy carrying sleeve for ease of use
    • 3,000 PSI
    • Exhaust valve directs bubbles away from mask
    • Vertical and horizontal swivel on mouthpiece
    • A must have for safety. Save big!

      Call (206) 298-6998 or 1-877-SCUBA-DV
      for best price

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  • USED Spare Air Emergency Air
    • Emergency air
    • Complete system
    • comes with filler
    • Good for shallow water snorkeling
    • 3000 psi.
    • 2.7 cubic feet model
    • Our price $15995
Pelican Case 1650
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  • USED Pelican Case 1650
    • Watertight, crushproof, and dust proof
    • Interior Dimensions:
      28.50" x 17.37" x 10.50" (72.4 x 44.1 x 26.7 cm)
    • Retractable extension handle
    • 4 strong polyurethane wheels with stainless steel bearings
    • Retractable extension handle
    • 2 IN STOCK!
    • Our price $24995 each
Pelican Case 1650
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Small Mesh Bag
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Haliburton Aluminum Zero Case
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  • USED Fill Whip:
    • Tank to Tank Fill Whip
    • Bleader Valves
    • Used for Oxygen System
    • $14995
Fill Whip
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Fill Whip
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