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Items added Week of July 6th, 2008:
USED Discounted Snorkeling Packages starting at - $13990
USED Tusa Imprex Reg. Set - $36995
The new Miners/Dredgers page!

Items added Week of June 3oth, 2008:
Bare Drysuit Factory Tour! -
Our New Local Dive and Snorkel Page! -
USED DC600 MAXX set Camera - $129995
USED ECOSHOT Watersports Camera - $24995

Items added Week of June 23rd, 2008:
USED Nikonos SB-104 UW TTL Speedlight Flash Head - $39995
USED Nikonos 5 W/ 28mm Lens - $37595
USED Aquatica Housing W/ Nikon cool pix 5000 - $79995

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